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  • 26 September – 6 October 2016 | Italy Wine and Food Tours

    barberinoGet ready to savour amazing wines and mouth-watering gastronomic delights as we take you through the regions of Tuscany and Piemonte. Uncorked and Cultivated delivers an exclusive experience for lovers of wine and food. What sets this Italian wine tour apart are the introduction-only visits to wineries not open to the general public. Peter Scudamore-Smith MW utilises his personal relationships with the many Italian producers in these regions for your taste benefits. Better still, Peter’s made sure that all Italian wines tasted at the wineries and in the restaurants are available for you to purchase in Australia. Each day you can look forward to a themed lunch or dinner to complement your winery visits. You can expect the very best of region-specific dishes; traditional, contemporary and eclectic cooking styles; ingredients in season and wine varietals at each dining experience. Enjoy the enviable vineyard scenery and hip service delivery we offer on this relaxed yet informative 11-day wine and food tour of Chianti Classico, Chianti Rufina, Montalcino, Maremma and Piemonte. In your free time, delight in the historical attractions and shopping of Siena, Florence and Alba.

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    Reminiscences of a wine and food tour of Tuscany and Piemonte in 2012

    2011 Tuscany & Piemonte Wine and Food Tour


    Adelaide | 2014

    “Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience of wine and food.  The various venues – cities, towns, hotels, wineries and restaurants – so well researched and carefully chosen – were a great treat.  To date I have been on five organised tours in Europe and I consider Uncorked and Cultivated to be by far the best dollar value and much more interesting.”

    Brisbane | 2014

    “This wasn’t a good tour; it was a great tour, from all aspects; organisation; accommodation (if you don’t get this basic right you’re gone); quality of wines tasted; quality of lunches/dinners; the right tour numbers; conviviality; but not just that, the attention to detail by both Peter and Denise and their obvious love of what they do underpinned all of this. Having undertaken in 2011 a wine tour of France by another organisation, I can say that in that case, although the quality of wines was high, in all other aspects it was inferior.  I recommend this tour to all mature adults.”

    Brisbane | 2014

    “This was not just your average tour.  Highest quality wines, introductions into the best wine houses in Italy … All in all, this trip was exceptional.  Italy is a must.  The food, history, art, wine shopping… It has it all.  It has changed me and the way I view food and what I want to cook for my children.  I was a strong advocate of Mediterranean diet before I went to Italy.  This trip has ignited a passion inside me to remove the word diet and replace it with eating!  This is Mediterranean eating – it is culture of food and of a healthy lifestyle (except the smoking!).  There was no sign of Paleo and now discussion of it overseas.  Italians have lived this way for centuries, they are slim and healthy.  Australia this is the answer!  It was truly inspiring!”  

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    Warren | 2014

    “What worked for me? Size of tour, pace and length.  The detailed planning that you both put into it.  Your knowledge and choices of menu and wine.  The wonderful quality of both food and wine!!  Sooo Good.  Exceeded expectations.  I was hoping we might get a little bit of what you presented.  Best white wine I have ever had and the reds were ok too!! Quality accommodation.  I am over having ordinary-to-poor rooms.  I like a bit of quiet space now.  Just love long lunches!  What did not work? Well all I can think of is having a bit too good a night in Florence on our last night!! Sadly, I can’t blame you for that but gee it was a good night.  I have come to enjoy long lunches now more so than late dinners, especially if there is an early start the next day.  I realise that cannot always be possible.”

    Rutherglen | 2013

    “Travelling through Tuscany & Piemonte with Denise & Peter will be a lasting memory for us.  Their attention to detail and  friendly personalities made the tour an exceptional experience.  The wineries, and the wine tastings gave us an insight into the Italian way with wine – and this was always complimented with exceptional regional food. Denise & Peter’s ability to network and source off the beaten track destinations reflects their ability  and organizational skills.  Peter’s knowledge of wine and his way of generously sharing this knowledge added tremendously to the tour.   The accommodation was exceptional and the itinerary planning re several nights in one location provided a comfort zone and free time in beautiful places.  Uncorked & Cultivated truly defines what is an amazing tour…and we would love to go again.”

    Brisbane | 2013

    “We’ve seen, and appreciated, the immense amount of skill and organisational ability that goes into making a tour like this a success, and to make it go off without a hitch.  We’ve been awed by your knowledge of wines and wine-making, and we’ve learned so much – in addition to discovering new styles that we would never have learned to appreciate without your guidance.  And finally, we’ve been impressed by the respect in which you’re held by the winemakers.  Thank you for a memorable event!

    Melbourne | 2013

    “The hotels were lovely – friendly helpful staff, well situated in the old towns where it was easy to stroll to the sites I wanted to see.  All the transport was comfortable and timely.  So nice to have all that ably handed to you.  Since I was travelling by myself, I was a little concerned what the group would be like, but everyone was charming and so inclusive of “the singles”.  Bright, fun-loving people who all share an interest in wine, food and travel.

    “I was expecting to taste some wonderful wines, but was gob-smacked by the calibre of wine estates we visited.  Thanks to your relationships with these wine-makers, Peter, we were made to feel like very special guests.  Without exception, the wine-makers were incredibly generous with their time, their knowledge and their beautiful wines.   Another delightful surprise was the consistently wonderful dining – 4 to 5 course meals highlighting local specialties at villas, terraced restaurants and even a castle.  No wonder I felt like a contessa by the end of the trip!

    “You were both such gracious hosts – really enjoyed your company.  Thank you so much, Peter, for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for Italian wines, and making this one of the best holidays I’ve ever had.”

    Victoria | 2012

    “We found it the perfect combination of visiting very interesting and beautiful places, eating and drinking so well when we didn’t even have to think about what to order from the menu, relaxation and fun with good company.  You are a good combination!  Peter, your knowledge of wine, food and the regions which you have shared generously and your connections which we are lucky to be able to share and Denise, your knowledge of Italian and their ways and your great organisational ability made it just the best trip for us.  We will happily spread the word and certainly plan to join you again in the future when possible.  Please keep us in mind for Sicily 2014!

    Gympie| 2012

    “We felt very privileged to have the benefit of Peter’s knowledge and experience to guide us through the unfamiliar oenological territory.  The selection of wines was wonderful, covering the traditional varieties for which the regions are famous and the modern varieties which they are challenging the rest of the world.”

    Adelaide | 2011

    “Denise and Peter have a fundamental understanding of hospitality and a generosity of spirit which underpinned the entire experience.  We simply loved this holiday and would rank it as one of the very best we have ever had.  They did a superb job of organising, paying attention to every detail.  Peter is very generous in sharing his wine knowledge and we all benefited enormously from the combined research, extensive networks and passion of our tour leaders.”

    Noosa | 2011

    “The Tour led by Peter Scudamore-Smith was an excellent introduction to the important wines of Italy.  His expertise in wine is encyclopaedic.  He was generous with his time and knowledge.  The tour was well organised by Denise, his wife, who chose a wide variety of food experiences.  A friendly, relaxed atmosphere was maintained. In small numbers, comfortable transport and grand hotel accommodation, all facets combined to provide a memorable experience.”

  • 11 – 21 October 2016 | Italy Wine and Food Tours

    etnaAre you a wine and food aficionado? Would you like Master of Wine Peter Scudamore-Smith to guide you across Sicily, the pearl of the Mediterranean, in search of your sensory indulgence? Peter will take you through the wine regions of the east and west coasts (six provinces) for a unique and exclusive experience for lovers of wine and food, a personal Sicily wine tour. You’ll discover Taormina, Modica and Trapani, the high altitude Etnean slopes,visit Michelin-starred restaurants, sample the traditional reds of the south, the reincarnated whites around Trapani, modernised varieties in the south-west and have the chance to flirt with some natural and amphora wines. We stay in luxurious old-world hotels with sweeping views of the sea, all centrally located in the cities we visit. Uncorked and Cultivated offers you quality experiences within short walking distance of your hotels. We want you to have time to explore and discover the history, architecture and traditions of Sicily including Greek temples, baroque churches and medieval fortresses when winery and restaurant visits are not programmed.

    Download Italy Wine and Food Tours | Sicily brochure (includes booking form) pdf | 1mb


    Adelaide | 2014

    “The tour of Sicily was [predictably] great.  I was entranced by the variety of architecture resulting from the various conquests through the centuries.  As all accommodation was by the sea the full flavour of the various invaders was immediately evident.  The tour took us to exceptional inland wineries as well, thanks to research by Uncorked and Cultivated.  The variety was amazing – wine styles – restaurants – cities – villages – landscapes.  Actually I ended up quite smitten with Sicily.  After the tour I spent extra time in Palermo and found it very historically interesting, but can be limiting because of the problems of handbag/shopping bag theft.”

    Rutherglen | 2014

    “Here we are back in Rutherglen but still really in Sicily in our heads… how fabulous it all was and thank you both for the organising and effort you put into the trip.  Every day was great, the food and wine were so good, and the landscapes and places we went to were so very special.”

    Macedon | 2014

    “Overall we once again had a wonderful trip!  Peter and Denise you are the best people at organising tours.  Your mixture of doing interesting things, visiting interesting and diverse wineries and wonderful restaurants is perfect for us. You chose a thoughtful selection of food for us to try with wines that are always good and interesting as well, and this suits us perfectly.  Eating and drinking well without having to make decisions is a real treat!  You also have the perfect mixture of organised events and free time and your advice as to what to do in the free time leaves us with no decisions to make ourselves.  The perfect holiday!  Peter, we loved the extensive information you passed on about Sicily and its history and the wine industry.  Your passion for it is partly why we are still really missing being there.  There is something about Sicily that was quite special for us.  The food and wine?  The lifestyle? The scenery? The mixture of cultures? The people? We would love to go again soon!”

    Brisbane | 2013

    “I felt completely ‘indulged’ during my wine tour with Uncorked and Cultivated.  We were privileged to be welcomed – and accompanied – by experts who enjoyed discussing their favourite topics!  Wine and Food. I appreciated too, the ‘free time’ which allowed me to reflect on our most important recent experience, shop… and prepare for our next highlight.  Sicily was magnificent!!”

    Canberra | 2013

    “We were very happy with the whole experience.  The trip was well organised and delivered, with the length of time of the wine tour as well as the number and duration of stays in the 3 cities, and the number of organised events and variety all just right.  The hotels were all very comfortable and offered really pleasant home bases from which to explore.  The wine tasting was tremendous, with a variety and quality standard that was truly impressive, and mouth-and-mind expanding!  Peter’s daily tuitions on the tastings as well as his willingness at any time to talk about wine, the history and the industry were all greatly appreciated.  The visits to the wineries were excellent, as we had a good introduction to each and an interesting tour before tasting many excellent and fascinating wines.

    “Finally, both of you were great tour leaders and got the balance right, always available if required and friendly and engaged, as well as allowing tour members to have its own time and rhythm and a happy ‘tone’ all around.  We will be recommending your tours to friends.”

    Brisbane | 2012

    “What a wonderful holiday.  Not only Uncorked and Cultivated but also Unforgettable.  The accommodation was excellent, the food superb and to experience the wine renaissance of Sicily in this manner was simply a Masterful touch!

  • France Wine and Food Tours

    24 May-3 June 2016

    Do you fancy being a gastronome? Like to discover the grandeur of the great French wines with an Aussie Vin de Champagne Awardee and Master of Wine? Then jump on a Gallic grape escape with Uncorked and Cultivated. We deliver an exclusive experience to savour the l’art de vivre in the birthplace of wine culture and haute cuisine, a bespoke France wine tour. Could any country offer a better mix of travel and pleasure than France? If you are dreaming of an authentic epicurean experience off the beaten track, this inspirational wine tour itinerary leverages off Uncorked and Cultivated’s established relationships in Champagne, Burgundy and the Rhône. chateauWe offer you introduction-only visits to wineries often difficult to access. Why not devote yourself to the sensuous enjoyment of travelling and savouring first class wine and food, hosted by Peter Scudamore-Smith, MW and his wife Denise, gastronomic aficionado? The heart of French culture is rooted in savoring the balance and flavours of its cuisines. A perfect wine pairing elevates delectable tastes to greatness, and who better to advise you in his laconic fashion than Peter Scudamore-Smith, Master of Wine? This is an extraordinary opportunity to perfect your palate.

    Download France Wine and Food Tour brochure 24 May – 3 June 2016  | (includes booking form) pdf | 1mb

  • Uncorked and Cultivated is establishing closer business relationships with tourism providers based in Australia. We value their assistance and the services they provide and we wish to respectfully acknowledge such contributions. The best way to do this is to request you to use the links provided to seek quality travel services from these companies.


    Tour Partners

    Food and Wine Travel | 1800 701 521

    food-and-wine-travelKaren Ridge is a savvy food and wine travel adviser based in the north-west Victorian wine town of Mildura.  Uncorked and Cultivated’s three wine and food tours in Europe may be purchased as total packages here.  It’s so easy to book through Food and Wine Travel because all the hard researching work has been done for you. You receive the services of a travel agent with 20 years experience and detailed knowledge of the destinations.  There are no middle men or wholesalers which means great value for money too!

    Italian Tour Partners

    Passion for Italy

    passion-for-italyPassion for Italy are Italian travel designers and information consultants about Italy, whereas Uncorked and Cultivated knows Italian wine.  Passion helps you plan your holiday as they know Italy intimately.  They either live in Italy and/or have travelled there may times.  Staff are university qualified, speak the language and are passionate about Italy.  They offer a beautiful selection of Italian villas and apartments to stay in when you are not wine tasting.  Book online.  Booking in Italy is not easy to DYO as many Italian owners do not speak English.  Passion inspects their properties and know where they are and what their beds are like!!

    Canale Travel | (07) 3357 6444

    canale-travelSteve Canale operates a family travel business, established in Lutwyche, Queensland (inner northern suburbs), over 50 years ago. He assists fellow Italian citizens to travel freely and confidently between Australia and Italy for a range of needs, and all age groups. Now Steve’s enterprise reaches all countries and tour types; and supports Uncorked and Cultivated’s specialised Wine and Food Tours.

    Il Mercato | (08) 8337 1808

    mercatoJohn Caporaso and Christian Canala run a wonderful family-owned and historical Italian wine supply business. That is “Il Mercato” in the traditional Adelaide shopping area of Campbelltown. If you seek excellent top shelf Italians; Brunello, Super-Tuscan, Barolo or Barbaresco, or suitable single site wine, contact this store.

    Italian Itineraries | 1800 088 444

    italite For your pre- and post-tour accommodation and car hire needs, we recommend Barbara’s excellent services at Italian Itineraries.


    French Tour Partners

    Alliance Française de Brisbane | (07) 3844 4460

    AFBrisbaneAlliance Française de Brisbane is a non- profit association dedicated to promoting French language and culture since 1926. It has 25 qualified teachers, 15 levels and more than 2000 students per year. Directors are appointed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French Ambassador in Australia. The mission of the current director, Mr Frantz Benhayoun, is to thrive and grow a language school of excellence and a quality cultural centre. The Alliance Française de Brisbane offers cultural events and supports the tourism and leisure industries. It organizes the annual Alliance Française French Film Festival, the Fete | de la Musique and plays a strong support role in the annual Brisbane French Festival.

    French Lessons Brisbane | 0415 799 620

    frenchbrisbaneFrench Lessons Brisbane is a private tutoring business of Paris-born Amelie Hurford situated in an inner northern suburb of Brisbane. Having taught French previously in London schools, she moved to Queensland recently to grow her business. Amelie thrives with teaching primary and high school candidates, particularly with potential French travellers and servicing the communication needs of the growing European mining investments in this country.

    LaPont Language Centre | (07) 3822 7757

    lapontOwner, Catherine Alapont is a citizen of the world, who has received many accolades and recognition for her linguistic expertise in The United Nations (New York). Of particular importance are her Total Immersion and Cultural Tours to France and Italy; fast tracking language uptake and cultural understanding. Lapont Language Centre excels in the delivery of language courses in Brisbane and Gold Coast locations; presented by native teachers in three major languages-French, Italian and Spanish. For students wishing to learn essential language for travel, business or simply to enjoy learning something new.

    France at Leisure | 1300 302 623

    franceFrance at Leisure is a fully AFTA licenced French travel specialist based in the Brisbane CBD and accredited by the French Tourist Bureau. With over 10 years’ experience, owned of French origin and with a team of professionals who have travelled extensively in France, it offers Australian travellers a wide range of premium and quality services from Paris rental apartments, chateaux stays, various packages in Paris and regional France, back road excursions and so much more. Most of all, they offer genuine advice and tips to make your itinerary so much easier to design, resulting to an authentic and memorable French experience.